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Townsville does it again... Frequency H2O!

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Frequency H2O water has just been listed in Australia's top 6 startups worth watching and it's from Townsville!!!

Sturt Hinton, creator of Frequency H2O is a true inspiration. Sacrificed all his money into research and innovation so by the time his product went into production he was broke and homeless. He could only afford to make two boxes and buy his plane ticket to Sydney where he literally went door knocking to pitch his water to health food stores, sleeping on the floor for the first 6 months. It's now grown and in over 500 stores in Australia! What a true Aussie battler with a dream who didn't take no for an answer! Such an inspiration!

He is now working at exporting LOVE, LUNAR and RAINBOW infused water to California where its set to debut in 2018.
Below is where you can find the water if you want to try this cocktail of greatness!