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Must-see films before growing up


The BFG, The Lion King and Up! have been included in a guide of films all children should watch before they grow up.

They are among 50 popular movies which have been deemed to benefit a child's development and creativity, according to a list compiled by leading film industry experts.

It measured films such as E.T, Willy Wonka and Toy Story against a series of metrics including the impact on a child's intellectual, educational and emotional development, as well as the nostalgia factor.

Classics Mary Poppins and Oliver! as well as The Lego Movie and Frozen also feature on the list.

It was created by film education charity Into Film, in partnership with the UK video industry, to launch the Must See Movies Before You Grow Up campaign which will see all 50 films distributed by retailers this summer in a bid for children to see them before turning 11.

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